Regarding Your Stay

How do we make reservations?
You can make reservations from our official web page.
Can we make reservations for large groups?
Please make reservations individually.
Can we make reservations under a company name?
Yes. However, reservations with ONLY the company name is not allowed. Please provide “names of guests” along with the “company name”.
Do you allow accommodation of minors?
(Minors aged 0 to 12)
Elementary school students or younger are not allowed to stay. Even if accompanied by a parental guardian, children must be in middle school or older to stay.

(Minors aged 13 to 19)
Accommodation of children in middle school or older requires either the consent or accompaniment of a parental guardian. Please fill in the required information on the following Document of Consent, print it, have it sealed by a parental guardian, and bring it with you.
>Please DL the Document of Consent for a Minor from here.(PDF)
We do not have a reservation, can we stay?
We will be happy to provide accommodations if there are rooms available. Please check by phone for availability on the day you wish to stay.
Can we send our luggage in advance?
We do not accept luggage sent in advance.
What are the cancellation fees?
The following fees and charges are required for reservation cancellation.
- 7 to 2 days prior to the date of stay: 20%
- 1 day prior to the date of stay: 50%
- On the date of stay: 100%

*Cancellation policies may vary and be pre-determined for some accommodation plans.
Can 2 people stay together?
Rooms cannot be shared by 2 people (only 1 person is allowed in capsule rooms, dormitory beds, and single rooms). For 2 persons, please reserve 1 room per person, or reserve a room for 2 persons. Please use the communal rooms on 3F and 5F for social gatherings with friends and family.
Can families stay together?
Yes. However, as men and women stay on different floors, sleeping quarters will be separated. (The dormitory allows 4 persons, and can be used for both men and women)
In addition, elementary school students or younger are not allowed to stay. Even if accompanied by a parental guardian, children must be in middle school or older to stay.

Regarding Check-In / Check-Out

When does check-in time start?
Check-in begins at 3:00pm.
Can we leave our luggage for safekeeping before check-in?
We provide large coin-operated lockers for our guests on the 1st floor.
However, depending on the time of arrival, lockers may not be available.
How can we pay?
Payment can be made in advance when making reservations over the internet.
You can also make the payment at the accommodation when checking-in. (Payment can be done by cash or credit card)
Gift certificates cannot be used.

[List of Acceptable Credit Cards for Advance Payment over the Internet]

[List of Acceptable Credit Cards for Payment On-Site]

[List of Acceptable Electronic Monies for Payment On-Site]
Apple Pay/QUIC Pay/iD/nanaco/RakutenEdy/
Apple Pay/QUIC Pay/iD/nanaco/楽天Edy/waon/Kitaca/Suica/PASMO/TOICA/manaca/ICOCA/SUGOCA/nimoca/はやかけん

Can we leave the premises after check-in?
Yes. You are free to leave the premises, but are required to have your card key with you at all times. If you lose or misplace your card key, we will require a re-issue fee of 3,000 yen per (w/o tax) card.
When is the latest time to check-in?
If you do not contact us or arrive within 2 hours from the scheduled arrival time, we will consider the reservation cancelled, as stipulated in the accommodation regulations.
Cancellation fees are required starting from 7 days prior to the date of stay.
When is the check-out time?
Check-out time is from 6:00am to 10:00am.
If you wish to check-out at a later time, 1,000 yen (w/o tax) will be charged per 1 extra hour, up to 2 hours (until 12:00pm).
How do we check-out?
When checking out, please return the card key to the reception on the 3rd floor.
If you do not return your card key, we will require a re-issue fee of 3,000 yen per (w/o tax) card.
Can we leave our luggage for safekeeping after check-out?
Our guests may store their luggage in the large coin-operated lockers located on the 1st floor.
Please come and pick up your luggage by the end of the day.
Do you provide extended stays on short-notice?
We will be happy to provide accommodations, if there are rooms available.
However, you will be required to check-out temporarily, to have the room cleaned.

Regarding the Accommodation Facility

How large are the beds?
They are custom-made, 100cm wide, 197cm long and 13cm thick beds.
Do you have vending machines?
There are vending machines on the 3rd and 5th floors.
Alcohol is served at “Uo-ichi”, the restaurant located on the 1st floor, as well as the rooftop beer garden, “Yamato no Sora (closed on rainy days)”.
Are sleeping quarters for men and women located on different floors?
The capsule rooms on the 3rd floor are for men only, and ones on the 4th floor are for women only.
The dormitory and single rooms on the 4th floor can be used by both men and women.
The reception and communal areas can be used by everyone.
Is smoking allowed?
The building is mostly smoke-free, including the sleeping quarters.
Smoking is allowed in the communal areas on the 1st and 5th floors.
Are there places to eat?
Food and alcohol are served at “Uo-ichi”, the restaurant located on the 1st floor, as well as the rooftop beer garden, “Yamato no Sora (closed on rainy days)”.
Food and beverages are allowed in the communal area in front of the reception on the 3rd floor.
We ask you to refrain from eating and drinking anywhere else in the building.
In addition, please refrain from bringing alcohol into the building.
During extended stays, can we use the sleeping quarters after check-out times?
No. Even if you are staying consecutive nights, we require you to exit the hotel premise temporarily during the check-out time.
Can we stay in the same sleeping quarters during our extended stays?
However, you will be required to temporarily exit the premises with your luggage during the hours starting from 10:00am to 3:00pm for cleaning.
Large coin-operated lockers (on the 1st floor) are available for our guests.
Do you have large communal baths?
We do not have large communal baths.
Please use the communal shower rooms located on each floor.
Do you have baths / toilets?
We have communal shower rooms / toilets / washrooms on each floor.
Available for use from 3:00pm to 9:30am the next day.
Do you have laundromats or laundry services?
We do not offer laundry services.
There are 2 laundry machines on the 1st floor, by the communal area.
What kind of amenities do you have?
Can the sleeping quarters be locked?
The sleeping quarters of the capsule rooms can be closed off with a curtain.
We have safety boxes available by the reception to store your valuables.
Is it quiet in sleeping quarters?
As sleeping quarters are closed off with just a curtain, you may hear sounds from other areas. We have earplugs available at the reception.
Do you have TVs?
Do you provide currency exchange services?
No, we do not provide this service. However, we can provide locations of nearby places that offer currency exchange services.
Do you have lockers for luggage?
Though limited in number, we do have large coin-operated lockers on the 1st floor.
Can we leave large luggage for safekeeping?
Please use the communal luggage rooms on each floor.
However, we shall not be held responsible for any theft or loss of guests’ luggage.
Could you provide information and/or confirmation regarding other guests?
We shall not provide any personal information of other guests.
Do you provide luggage shipping service?
What kind of security do you provide?
A security key is required to enter each floor.
In addition, we have security cameras on each floor.
What kind of disaster prevention measures do you provide?
The facility is equipped with fire extinguishers.
Just in case, please check the evacuation routes when staying.
How far is the facility from train stations?
It’s a 1 minute walk from “Kintetsu Nara Station” on Kintetsu Nara Line, and an 8 minute walk from “Nara Station” on JR Line.
Do you have a parking lot?
We do not have parking lots available. Please use parking lots located nearby.
Do you have internet access?
We have Wi-Fi available.
Please note that we do not have LAN cables.
Regarding Equipments in the Sleeping Quarters
There are “outlets”, “USB outlets”, “reading light (dimmable)”, “ventilation fan” and “hangers”.
Do you provide wake-up calls?
Can we walk around in night wears?
Night wears are allowed on communal floors and sleeping quarter floors.
Can women stay?
Please be reassured, we have women-only floors.
Do you have restaurants?
Food and alcohol are served at “Uo-ichi”, the restaurant located on the 1st floor, as well as the rooftop beer garden, “Yamato no Sora (closed on rainy days)”.
Do you have tooth brushes and facial cleansers available?
They are available, free-of-charge.
What kind of sleeping amenities do you have?
We offer night wears and ear plugs for free-of-charge.
Other sleeping amenities, available for a fee, are currently being planned.
There are numerous pharmacies and convenience stores nearby to purchase daily necessities.
Are pets allowed?

How can we confirm room availability?
You can confirm via our reservation system on our web page.
What kind of guests stay at your hotel?
We have various guests with various purposes, such as business, vacation or early-morning travel.